Daily Reflection 12/6

Well it only took three days for me to miss my first post. Damn. I’ll chalk it up to the stress/work of finals week and not get too distressed about it. Success is about progress, not perfection.


Yesterday and today it was overcast in Santa Barbara, reminding me a lot of winter days in the Bay. I love this weather, and always get into a good mood during the rare times we experience it here. There’s plenty of scholarly research out there suggesting that weather can have a huge effect on mood, productivity, sociableness, and other behavioral trends; I find it super interesting to study this phenomenon anecdotally at my school. Weather like this drives kids to the library in droves, and it feels like there’s always less partying going on on nights when the fog rolls in. I guess this isn’t that surprising, considering that it gets colder. But I still find it funny because I know its all relative- there are places in the US where a 30 degree day means its time to go outside and hit the streets while the getting’s good.

We are creatures of habit, as much as we (I) would like to think not. Its so easy to get caught up in the same routines, as dictated by the same schedule, beholden to the same goals we set at some arbitrary point in time. Even though I’ve barely made time to go outside and do something fun, on days like today when the weather suggests against it I somehow still feel robbed of the chance to do so. I see plenty of kids here justifying a movie day by virtue of the weather- I see the same kids taking movie days when its nice out. Human beings are fantastic at deluding ourselves to the causes of our actions, and just as fantastic at being deluded by others.

Mark my words: the next time I find myself with free time on a cloudy morning, I will go for a hike. Just to show that I know how lucky I am to be in a place as beautiful as this.

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