Daily Reflection 1/10

Grind time starts today.

Making good on resolutions to be better is easy on day one: you’re excited, you’re energized, there’s a world of possibility laying before you. But day two it gets a little harder to keep it up. And then harder on day three, and four, and so on. The only way to combat this cycle is to establish your new habits early and strong.

For me this is a commitment to several personal projects that I want to devote my energy to. Already I’ve found time in my schedule for the things I want to do for myself, and set that time aside as sacred. The trick to success in this field is honesty and persistence. Carving out time devoted strictly to one goal is a good way give yourself the space to do these things.

This in mind, today is my day two, and already I can feel the momentum of stagnancy trying to weigh me down. But this year I think I feel something coming in the air. There’s too much on the line to let goals slip through my fingers- I want to emerge from the next few months better equipped to handle any of the many things that are perched on my horizon.

In short, its grind time now.

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