Daily Reflection 1/17

The word of the day for me is balance. I suspect this will be the word of the next week, and coming months, and perhaps the rest of my life.

Only now that I am as busy as I have ever been am I beginning to understand the real importance of this word. Even for those who give 150%, there is only so much time in the day to accomplish your goals. Learning to split time between many discreet tasks is a skill that takes time to master, and is becoming increasingly important in my life.

There are probably 100 things that I would like to accomplish over the next month. Of those I will prioritize about 20 as “must get done”. 50 more will go on my “would like to get done”, list and the rest will be chalked up to “I fantasize about getting these done”. As much as I hate to admit it the reality is that I am constrained by the institutions of time, money and energy- until I can increase my possession of each of those I can only do what I can do. What matters most to me is not checking off my entire list, but doing as much as I can while still being proud as hell of the work it took to cross off each one. Quality matters more than quantity, despite all of the pressures college students face to have a million things on their resumes by the time they graduate.

I am working hard and smart every day to improve my focus and performance on the tasks I set out to complete. Maintaining quality of work will get harder and harder as projects pile up and energy runs low, but learning to push the limits of your capabilities is one of the ultimate destinies of human existence. I am not intimidated by the sea of responsibilities coming my way, but instead am excited at the prospect of learning how to surf them.

Ask any surfer what the most fundamental aspect of the sport is and they will give one answer:


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