Daily Reflection 5/30

Life takes us in unexpected directions. Emotions can be as transient as the weather. Navigating periods of extreme change, such as is expected of any young person, results in personal growth and humility.

I am weeks away from leaving my college town in pursuit of my next adventure. Over the last few months my life has been a whirlwind of chaos- seeking opportunity, fulfilling obligations, charting courses, and realizing that stability is a luxury I will not be able to afford for the foreseeable future. In the past I’ve written about the importance of balance  in the face of situations like this, but ironically I now realize how much of a divide exists between acknowledging a truth and living it. I try my best every moment of every day to remain centered, focused on the things I desire for myself and those around me. But I have no illusions that achieving such a state of constant clarity is a process of development not so easily reached as writing a few journal entries on the subject.

What I can say for sure at the near-end of this turbulent time is that nothing is as important in this life as constant growth in response to our ever changing environments. I prize adaptation as much as I prize preparedness, and perhaps the gulf between these two ideas isn’t as vast as I once imagined. All we can do is move forward into what’s next with an attitude of appreciation and anticipation. Hope is only naive if we lack the strength to act as we know to be right.

The brightness of our future is a function of the amount of light we allow into our vision.

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