Daily Reflection 8/20

Time moves at a pace we cannot control.

The last few months brought me some of the most meaningful, the most beautiful, and the most difficult moments I’ve experienced in my young life. I’ve said goodbye to good places and good people, and been introduced to many others. I’ve taken risks at a level which were impossible to imagine not so long ago. I’ve succeeded and failed many times and continued working towards a better understanding of who I want to be.

I experienced the loss of a friend which came so suddenly and shockingly that the entire world stood still, even amidst the frantic chaos of my time since college. Javier Zayas was a part of my life since kindergarten. He was an artist, a skater, an animal lover and a genuine friend to many people in his community. His heart was as big as the life he led, and everyone that was lucky enough to spend time with Jav knew just how infectious his spirit was. Losing someone like Jav will never make sense, no matter how much time passes or what perspectives we grow into. There is a hole in the hearts of many people who will remember Jav for the rest of their lives. To honor his name is to live with the joy and passion for life that he did. I love you brother, and I will miss you very much.

Four years can fly by in the blink of an eye, and a single phone call can halt the passage of time. As I continue to work hard to achieve my goals, I am reminded of the immense privilege of each moment we have here. Life is truly precious, and unremittingly fragile. Nothing should ever become more important than enjoying it with one another.


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