Photoshop Project

Wrt105MPoster copy

This poster represents my first real experience working with photoshop. It is a teaser-poster for our group project documenting the festival culture of Isla Vista throughout its existence.

I used a photo that I took of the Del Playa shoreline for my background, and tweaked the settings to make the colors pop and capture audiences’ attentions. The vibrant colors also give the whole poster a dream like quality that is supposed to represent the memories of past festivals.

On top of the background photo I blended in a picture of a band preforming in IV in the 1970s. They are slightly opaque and sit off in the distance of the ocean horizon, symbolizing how the legacy of these events still has an effect on IV today.

The header at the top is supposed to guide the reader to interpret the image, not give away any details of the project. The image itself communicates more than the text.

some thoughts on first week’s readings


selves are not consciously created, but instead develop as a sort of collage of experience and personality. who you are, what you do, what you believe, where you are headed in life- these are not questions that should not be easily answered. the essence of an individual is an amorphous substance. like spilled motor oil in a puddle, we glisten and shine and form patterns and swirl about constantly, changing our appearance when viewed from the light or the dark, the sides or the top.

in no way can a series of mediated images, text, video or anything else other than flesh and blood in the person describe fully and completely who a person is. the experience of being human evolved around the process of face to face interaction, unmediated communication and full on contact between people. our technological advances have allowed us to skirt around many of these practices, out of a logistical need maybe, but more likely out of a blind development towards ‘progress.’

i do not appreciate inauthenticity. i do not care for extensive self-presentation. i think it’s ingenuine and ultimately useless to spend hours crafting an image of oneself.

believing that social media can be an expression of who a person is at best shallow. at worst it is dangerous. it seems that in our modern information filled lives we all are looking to find shortcuts for everything, but defining who we are must not fall into that category.